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Cat Eyes and Making Eye Shadow Last

Hey kids! I just found this place and I must say I am pretty excited... I don't get to wear crazy eyeshadow, but it's ok because A) I wouldn't know how to do it and B) I don't think it really looks right on me (of course that just be because I'm not used to it!). Anyways, I have two questions to ask of you loverly peoples, and I hope you can help!

First and most importantly, HOW DO I GET SUPER HOT CAT EYE LASHES?!?! I can do it with eyeliner (although I suck major big time with liquid - I bought some for practicing but got discouraged fast) but I'd really like to make it happen where my lashes themselves appear to be catty. I got falsies but they didn't look right so then I got some of the little individual fakes and put them on just the edges of my lash line, but they're very difficult to work with and even then it still wasn't what I was going for. Does anyone have some pointers or better methods? My mom said to get some full fake eyelashes in 'Demi' and cut them so they get fuller towards the ends. I haven't tried this yet because I can never seem to find them in that - I dunno, size/style? When I've experimented with regular full ones, they always look overly fake and kind of trashy porn starish, LOL! Thanks in advance for any help with this!

Secondly, is there something I can do to make my eyeshadow not get that unsightly crease in it after it's been on a few hours? I thought I read that applying your pressed powder to your lids before doing your shadow could help but it doesn't seem to make a difference at all! Haha, I know it would probably help if I bought stuff like MAC but I am a poor student trying to make ends meet and since I don't ever wear the bold colours, I would feel like it was a waste; so until I get out of college I will have to make due with cheapo stuff like Revlon/Rimmel/Maybelline/etc. If no one has any tips, can anyone tell me if the 12 hour shadows by Revlon actually live up to their name? It's only a couple of dollars more than a regular quad, so if it did, I'd be more than willing to find some shades I like and buy 'em.

Well, that wraps up this lengthy ice breaker! Maybe I could slowly bring myself to experiment with the hot and crazy looks some of you sport (I just don't want to unknowingly cross the line from 'hip and modern' into 'scary old lady, a la' Tammy Faye'!). And so you can feel like we've met proper, I will include a recent pic (even though all you can see makeup wise is my favouritest lip gloss)
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