Ayla-Monic (ebbing_sanity) wrote in glittercore,


hi everyone.

my best friend's prom is tomorrow, and i'm supposed to be doing her makeup for her. she's wearing black, white, and silver, so i'm sticking to black and silver makeup.

now, im fairly good at doing people's makeup, and i've done her makeup before, but i really dont want to mess this up - its her prom!

so the thing is, she's got small eyes, and she wears glasses. i'm planning on using silver liquid eyeliner, and some black powder eyeshadow. probably not much besides lip gloss for her lips. i wanna do something elegant, instead of my usual funky-just-plain-weird type stuff, because this is her day to be a princess.

so, does anyone have any ideas, or pics of makeup on people with smallish eyes? for ideas?

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!
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