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I need some advice.

Hi, I need some advice. My prom is tomorrow. When I bought 2 eyeshadows from MAC, the guy working there told me that the smokey-eye look would look great with the dress that I picked. The colors from MAC were a light pink and brown (I'd get up and find the actual names but I'm sick & lazy right now). I have a pretty good amount of expierence with makeup, but somehow I haven't really seen what smokey eyes looks like. If you guys have a picture or maybe some advice on how to do it, it'd be great. I found a few things online, and although they were informative, it didn't have any pictures of it. So if you guys have maybe a close up of smokey eyes with the eyes closed, or maybe some kinda explanation of what it is, it'd be great.
And I'm not going to stay a member here (sorry) because I've got a lot of stuff going on now, and I also don't have a camera to take pictures, which I would like to do if I were in a community for makeup.
Thanks a lot,
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